American Burlesque Casting Call FOR DANCERS

The Twirly Girls Casting Call for Dancers.


Twirly Girls a reality TV show is a story of pole dancers who participate in a neo-burlesque pole dancing competition. Dancers must have the ability to choreograph a unique dance routine, including movements, flow, costume, music, light show, theatrics, expressing your sexuality on stage. Twirly Girls is seeking those dancers who can create a music video-style performance, which is entertaining, exciting, sexy and most of all, the ability to give an audience something they have never seen.     

DANCERS Eligibility


Age Requirements

All Dancers must be 18 years of age and no older than 50 years of age prior to the date of the competition.

Body Types

Dancers are not ineligible due to: 

1. Weight

2. Breast Size

3. Butt Size

4. Sexy Movements

5. Costumes 

6. Dance Style

7. Mandatory Movements

Qualified Genders

All Women are Eligible, including Straight Women, Bi Women, Gay Women, Transgenders and Drag Queens.

Eligible Dance Styles

All Pole/Fitness Dancers, Pole/Sport Dancers, Pole/Artistic Dancers, Burlesque Pole Dancers, Neo-Burlesque Dancers, Bikini Pole Dancers, Strippers, Show Girls, Pole Porn Dancers and all other types of pole and aerial dancers. 

Perform "As Sexy As You Wannabe"

The Pole/Burlesque acts tend to emphasize style and are sexy rather than sexual. A typical burlesque act usually includes striptease, expensive or garish costumes, and bawdy humor, and may incorporate elements of cabaret, stripping, aerial hoop, and aerial silk, with the focus on Pole Dancing. Nudity is not allowed. 




  1. Do you have the technical ability to perform a Pole/Sport Dance Routine? 
  2. Do you have the talent to tell a story through Dance?
  3. Do you love dressing sexy?
  4. Do you love the emotional high from participating in a competition? 
  5. When you perform a sexy dance routine, do you feel empowered when you see the men are 
  6. erect and the women are wet?

If YES, Welcome to Pole/Burlesque!

Pole/Burlesque is the revival and updating of the traditional American Burlesque Performance. Though based on the Traditional Burlesque Art, the new form encompasses a wider range of performance styles, such as classic striptease (NOT STRIPPING), modern dance, theatrical mini-dramas, twerking, sexy floor dance, showgirls, stripper dance (WITHOUT THE NUDITY), lap dance, pole/fitness dance, pole/sport dance, pole/artistic dance, exotic pole dance, Ballet, Concert Dance, Tap Dance, Modern Dance, House Dance, Punk Dance, Rave Dance, Disco Dance, Bollywood Dance, Hip-hop & Funk Dance, Breakdance (Breaking), Bounce, Electric Boogaloo, Street Jazz, Modern Jazz Dance, Gangsta Waling, Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop Dance, Aerial Silk Dance and all other styles of dance, all performance's focused around POLE DANCE.   






Dancers across American and from around the world may submit your application to compete in the Twirly Girls Pole/Burlesque Competition.  Please review and supply the information requested below and send your information to the designated email address, found at the bottom of this page.  Please use the same email address if you have any questions. The Open Casting Call ends on May 1, 2020. 

Your Submission

We ask that you take your time to gather all the materials needed for your Casting Call Submission.  

  1. Short Bio (no more than one page)
  2. Modeling Stats (please provide all information)
  3. Photos: Head Shot, Full Body Front, Full Body Back and any other photos you wish to send us.
  4. Please send a link to your Facebook page. 
  5. Short Video: A Short Video which includes your pole dancing skills.  Please do not send the video, please send a link to your YouTube Page. 
  6. Your submission package may include any other documentation,  photos, videos or links to your website. (Optional)

Please send your Submission Package to

We do reply to all Submissions

Our Casting Department will reply to all submissions within 7 to 10 days, regardless if your submission has been approved or not.  


If you have questions please let us know, we are happy to speak with all dancers.  Please email your questions to or call 407-732-0061.

American Burlesque is now casting for the following roles

150 Dancers selected to compete:

We will select up to 150 dancers. who are invited to compete in the Twirly Girls Pole/Burlesque Competition.  

6 Dancers Selected to compete:

We will select SIX dancers who will compete in the Twirly Girls Pole/Burlesque Competition. The SIX Dancers will receive paid transportation. 

12 Dancers selected to compete:

We will select 12 dancers who will participate in the Twirly Girls promotional Video and Photo Shoot. All expenses paid and day rate compensation. 

Character Roles:

We are now accepting submissions for the following Character Roles: Personal Assistants for the Casting Director, The Producer and The Stage Supervisor.   Compensation may include transportation, lodging, day rate compensation and talent agreement to appear on TV.   

4 Bikini Models

We will select FOUR Bikini Models who will appear on stage and entertain the audience. We are seeking models with experience in modeling Bikinis in videos and photos. Compensation may include transportation, lodging, day rate compensation and talent agreement to appear on TV.  

6 Body Guards

We will select SIX Body Guards for the live event and will appear on our Reality TV Show.  We seeking males and females who are 6' tall plus, impressive body, intimidating appearance, and has a background in security. Compensation is based on a day rate for your services and a talent agreement to appear on TV. 

The American Burlesque Casting Department

Have Questions, Please fill out the form below.

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Now Accepting Submissions for the Twirly Girls Open Casting Call

To Submit your information please provide the information above and email your information to or if you have questions please compete the form and email. 

American Burlesque

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